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Hello, Rockstars!

Completely New To Cloud Kitchen World? That's why we made this masterclass.

And we are charged up to make sure this is the best-ever course on Cloud Kitchens!

Cloud Kitchen World| Hello Rock Stars

Hello, Rockstars!

We believe, Cloud Kitchens hold tremendous potential in the food business sector. It is going to change everything we know about traditional dining-out space and how we, as consumers spend our time and money. So, here we are to say hello! Care to take notice?

Well, why do we say so?

After the recession of 2008, we saw the casual dining sector and QSRs emerge with growth and pace. It was the bankable segment that created numerous success stories and some new national and international chain operators. It still required a decent size investment, high street locations, and a lot of expertise.

In the past 3–4 years, each one of us has been habituated to food delivery apps on our mobile phones. Food is delivered to us from a wide variety of selections, at our convenience, to our doorstep, through a tap on that app. The industry is just gearing up.

We strongly believe, as we start to come out into the post-pandemic world of 2021, delivery-only kitchens will shoot their way into a high market share. We will see the emergence of new players and the existing ones will scale up with zeal.

Get ready to shine, the time is now for Cloud Kitchens!

For us, who have been in the F&B space for donkey’s years, it is clear that there will be many new millionaires, and many fortunes made. Like the hits, there will also be a fair share of misses and failures along the way, as always!

But what if, you were shown this opportunity, and empowered with the 360° know-how, all required manuals, handbooks, and an easy step-by-step guide to set up cloud Kit in your own cloud kitchen? Will you give it a shot?

We hope you do.

But remember, while there will be many new entrants like you, the two things that will carry you through the journey will be your ability to learn and evolve with the changing market and the ‘never give up attitude. Be agile, and flexible, and believe in the ‘Rockstar’ in you!

To those Rockstars, here is our first hello. The masterclass is now available online at

Introductory offer, course details, community support, blah blah, you shall have it all. Not to worry. But more importantly, be assured that we are working full-time to make it amazing and rewarding for you. We want this to be the best-ever course in the emerging Cloud Kitchen industry.

Please give it a go.

We have built it with a lot of effort, passion, and integrity, bringing our years of experience and knowledge of working with different entrepreneurs around the world under one interactive masterclass. Do use the masterclass to your best benefit.


From Avi, Chef Ritu & The Entire Team - Sudha, Chef Varun, Sinchita & Animesh.

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